A leaking faucet on a domestic water heater with tools and fittings to replace appliance

Why You’ll Want a Professional for Commercial Water Heater Installation

So, your business needs a new water heater, and you want to install it yourself? Before attempting to take on this project, you should know that commercial water heaters run much hotter, and contain much more water, than residential models.

You’ll also need to know municipal codes, safety procedures, and more to do the job correctly. Sound like a lot? Here are a few important reasons you’ll want to use a professional to install your commercial water heater.

Proper Installation

Installing a new commercial water heater is no walk in the park. Professional, licensed plumbers have the required know-how to do the job right. It typically requires not just plumbing skills but also electrical, HVAC, and carpentry abilities, such as soldering pipes.

Commercial water heaters come in various sizes to fit different business uses, from office buildings with minimal hot water needs to restaurants requiring a large volume of hot water daily.

A water heater built for commercial use can hold up to 250 gallons, compared to about 100 gallons for residential water heaters. Professionals that install commercial water heaters have the experience and knowledge to handle the equipment and hotter water temperatures. They also have staff to assist because a commercial water heater installation is not always a one-person job.

Building Codes and Permits

Expert plumbers are up to date on local building and fire codes as they apply to commercial water heaters. They will be able to obtain any additional, necessary permits as well. A plumber can also arrange an inspection of the completed installation work with your Redding, CA municipality.

For Safety Reasons

Installing a commercial water heater is not a DIY project. These hot water systems deal with dangerously high temperatures. Putting in a commercial water heating device yourself can create several safety hazards.

The process involves connecting electrical wiring, a natural gas connection, and pilot light. If the system is installed incorrectly, it can cause a toxic buildup of carbon monoxide, which could become deadly.

Steve Beaton Plumbing’s licensed, professional plumbers know exactly how to install the water heater to prevent accidental carbon monoxide leaks and otherwise minimize the risk of injury or property damage.

Installation Costs

Many business owners in Redding, CA, wear a lot of different hats, and you might think that it costs less to handle a commercial water heater installation yourself.

However, plumbers use several different specialized tools and machinery to safely and correctly complete an installation. Buying that equipment for one-time use, taking the time out of your day, and taking the risk that you didn’t install something correctly are much more costly than hiring a professional. You will also typically have a warranty on the work, so the plumber will come back and address any issues at no additional cost.

Call the Experts

Looking for commercial water heater experts? The trained, licensed plumbers at Steve Beaton Plumbers have over 30 years of combined experience handling all plumbing needs. No job is too big or too small.

Whether you’re building out a new space and need a water heater or you’re replacing an old model, we’re here to serve you with 100% satisfaction. Call us today!