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Locally owned and operated, Steve Beaton Plumbing has been providing all the plumbing services that Redding, CA residents need for years. Our experienced plumbers have seen and repaired all sorts of plumbing issues, so we know how to get your home’s plumbing system operating at its best. Our world-class plumbing services include professional drain cleaning, which is one of the most important parts of plumbing. When drains become clogged, your plumbing system becomes less efficient and may even experience broken water lines and other issues. Our team knows how to get the issue resolved and carries out our commitment to upfront and honest pricing each step of the way.

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How Drains Become Clogged

If water were the only thing that ever passed through your home’s drains, there would be little to no need for professional drain cleaning in Redding, CA. However, drains do much more than carry water away from your home, which means having an experienced team of plumbers on hand to keep your drains clean is vital. Drain cleaning goes far beyond the few inches directly below the surface. Drain clogs often occur deep in your plumbing system. This increases the need for drain snaking in Redding, CA.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are some of the most often used components of your home. When you rinse off dishes in the kitchen sink or use a garbage disposal, food debris, grease and other items enter your home’s plumbing system. As if food debris weren’t enough, some soaps and degreasers that are used in kitchen and bathroom sinks can contribute to the need for drain cleaning in Redding, CA. 

Speaking of bathrooms, there’s nothing that causes more discomfort and inconvenience than a backed-up toilet. Human waste is a major issue when dealing with backed-up toilets, but when you add the presence of toilet paper being flushed, the risk of a clogged drain becomes even more significant. While it’s not recommended, many people also assume that they can flush hygiene products down their toilet. That combination can lead to clogged drains that are tied to your toilet and may produce backed-up toilets and noxious odors in your Redding, CA home.

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Tubs and showers are also easily clogged by the presence of hair and even soap. Many of the soaps that people use are made of fats and grease, which can create major clogs in your drains. When those elements combine with hair, the potential for clogged shower and tub drains is obvious. When these drains become clogged, you will notice water backing up into your shower and bathtub. Call a professional plumber in Redding, CA if this should happen.

Clogged drains in Redding, CA can be caused by any number of issues. If left untreated, these clogs will only get bigger and can wreak havoc on the pipes that are responsible for carrying water from your home. If clogs are left untreated, they can put too much stress on these pipes from the inside, resulting in broken or damaged lines and serious plumbing leaks. That’s why drain cleaning should be a part of your home maintenance plan. While you may be able to grab a bottle of drain cleaner at your local hardware store or big-box retailer, there’s only so much that those chemicals can do. Instead of trusting those, opt for professional plumbers who have access to the tools that can find clogs and remove them, no matter where they’re located in your plumbing system.

Best Drain Cleaning Services in Redding, CA

When you’re planning your spring cleaning to-do list, drain cleaning in Redding, CA may not be something that you think of, but it’s an important part of keeping your home safe and functional. Since proper drain cleaning requires special tools, it’s important to hire a professional to handle it for you. Our team of plumbers understands that our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied. If you’re ready to have your drains cleaned by some of the best plumbers in the industry, call Steve Beaton Plumbing today at (530) 244-9727 to find out about the best drain cleaning in Redding, CA.

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