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4 Ways Routine Maintenance Benefits Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing is a complex system that supplies water and removes waste from your home. Broken pipes and faulty water heaters can impact your comfort and safety. A preventive maintenance schedule could be beneficial in the following ways.

1. A Maintenance Schedule Facilitates Early Fault Detection

A maintenance schedule is essential if you are to spot faults in your plumbing system in time. Certified plumbers can inspect your drains, sinks, and leaky faucets. While you may notice leaks and burst pipes, some faults are much more challenging to spot with the naked eye.

Certified plumbers have the requisite tools and training to find and address a complete range of plumbing issues. A maintenance schedule ensures timely plumbing inspection to detect faults as soon as they emerge.

2. Minimize Expensive Repairs of Plumbing and Equipment

Since a planned schedule ensures early fault detection, it can prevent minor issues from escalating into expensive repairs. For example, a running toilet may waste hundreds of gallons of water per year. Delaying the service could raise your monthly utility bills.

At the earliest phase, fixing the issue may only require replacing a seal or pipe. But at later stages, corrosion and leaks could become more extensive. Trained plumbing technicians will not only fix the issue but will also offer insights to prevent problems in the future.

3. A Schedule Will Keep Your Home Safe and Comfortable

Plumbing faults may become safety hazards if you don’t address these issues promptly. A leaking pipe can draw water from its surroundings, introducing contaminants into the water supply. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more likely your plumbing will trigger safety issues.

Clogged drains are also prevalent in many Redding, CA homes. In Sacramento, heavy rainfall in February may push debris like sticks and leaves into your drainage. Frequent blockages can force the water to back up into your home, causing a potential contamination hazard.

4. Use a Schedule to Negotiate Service Costs and Earn Discounts

A maintenance schedule extends the lifespan of your piping and appliances through timely diagnosis. It protects your warranty by ensuring you don’t skip the annual service. Some equipment manufacturers may void your contract if you don’t service your equipment punctually.

You can also keep track of repairs and save maintenance records. You may utilize the data to negotiate discounts with your service provider. Singing up to a tune-up plan may provide access to priority services and better rates for installation and repairs.

It is wise to check the plumber’s certification and experience before you opt into a maintenance plan. Our technicians boast three decades of industry experience and an impeccable reputation for excellence. Contact Steve Beaton Plumbing for a 100% guarantee on all our plumbing services in Redding, CA.