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At Steve Beaton Plumbing, we have a team of factory-trained and certified plumbers who are experts in sewer line replacement in Redding, CA. We equip them with modern-day and cutting-edge tools to help solve your plumbing issues, including sewer line repair, replacement, and installation. Unfortunately, sewer lines tend to undergo severe damage after some time of service. Physical damage resulting from driveway or sidewalk repaving, corrosion of pipe materials, and tree roots invasion can cause massive harm to underground pipes. And if the problem is severe, it can expose you and your family members to potential health risks or even damage your property. Therefore, you should hire the services of an experienced plumber with the right equipment and know-how if you want to solve or prevent these issues from arising. 

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What Is a Sewer Line, and How Does It Work?

A sewer line system is an essential section of your plumbing system. However, most people do not always see the importance of a sewer line system until it clogs, resulting in wastewater backup. A sewer line plays a vital role in removing wastewater from your Redding, CA home to a private or city septic tank. It is an underground pipe that can last up to 100 years, depending on how you maintain it and the materials used to construct it. 

Common Problems That Sewer Lines Experience

As a homeowner, it’s crucial that you know the common problems that affect sewer lines and how to detect and solve them. Clogging is one major threat that affects most sewer line systems. Flushing paper products, grease, and excessive food down the drain pipes can result in clogging, which can cause severe sewer line damage. Therefore, you should ensure that you dispose of paper and oily products correctly to avoid clogging. 

Tree roots can also affect your sewer line by breaking and weakening the pipes and causing clogs. Failure to solve this issue in advance can damage your sewer line, resulting in floods or wastewater backup in your Redding, CA home. 

A sewer line can also fail because of old age. After serving you for many years and withstanding the harshness of the natural elements, sewer lines can get damaged or worn out. Hence, if you have an old sewer line system or plan to move into a new home, you must schedule a sewer line inspection service to be on the safe side.

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Telltale Signs You Need to Replace or Repair Your Sewer Line

A strong odor coming from your basement or yard can be a sign of a damaged sewer line. Primarily, the odor develops because of wastewater backup that can reach the main sewer lines. Sewage in your toilet or bathtub can be a sign that you have a clogged sewer line that needs urgent professional help in Redding, CA. Other symptoms include slow drains in your bathtub or sinks, persistent clogs, and tree root invasion. 

Here is a list of telltale signs that you will need sewer line repair or replacement services in Redding, CA:

  • Old home
  • Tree root intrusions
  • Weird sounds
  • Persistent clogs
  • Soft spots / sinkholes in the yard
  • Unusually green or lush patches of grass
  • Toilets won’t flush
  • Sewage backing up into showers, toilets and tubs
  • Fouls odors creeping out from drains or in isolated sections of the yard

Sewer Line Repair in Redding, CA

If your sewer line has holes or cracks, a sewer line repair in Redding, CA is the best option. At Steve Beaton Plumbing, we equip our plumbing experts with modern-day equipment such as sewer cameras to detect the extent of sewer line damage. They also use professional sewer cameras to detect clogs in pipes, holes due to tree root invasion, and other underlying piping issues. Once they have located the affected area, they can use trenchless or spot repair methods to remedy the problem. 

A spot repair is an ideal option if you notice some warning signs such as sewage seeping around your yard and rising and falling toilet water levels. On the other hand, trenchless repairs help correct cracks in pipes, sewage backups, pipe breaks, and tree roots. However, the trenchless repair method is one of the most cost-effective repair methods since it does not involve digging up anything. 

Sewer Line Replacement in Redding, CA

When it comes to sewer line replacement, you may need to replace the entire sewer line. Sewer line replacement is appropriate when the damage is too extensive to repair. Pipe bursting is the most commonly used method of replacing pipes. What makes this method ideal for pipe replacement is that you can easily replace your lines without disturbing the ground through this process. 

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