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Having a water leak in your home can be very stressful. We have all heard stories about massive water damage, huge repair bills, and even the unexplained health issues that were eventually traced back to toxic black mold caused by a water leak. So it is clear that you need to call in the licensed plumbers from Steve Beaton Plumbing any time you discover a water leak. We offer 24/7 emergency service for all leak repairs. We can also schedule appointments in the evening and on the weekend to work with your hectic schedule.

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But what do you do when you only think that you might have a water leak in your home? It can be easy to talk yourself out of calling (530) 244-9727 to schedule an appointment. You disregard that excessively high water bill thinking it was a clerical error. Or you overlook a puddle on the floor or soil washed away from your home’s foundation, thinking it could not be related to a water leak. You hope it is nothing to cause concern. But instead, you should have immediately called our plumbers for leak detection in Redding, CA to avoid costly water damage and the possibility of mold and insect invasions.

Covert Leaks And Their Subtle Signs

We have all observed an overt leak. These are dripping faucets and pipes under the sink that are easy to see and identify as trouble. But the leaks that you should be more concerned about are the ones that you cannot see. These covert or hidden leaks can be concealed in the floors, walls, or ceilings of your home. And they are hard to spot before they cause a massive amount of water damage.

When you get an inexplicably large water bill, there is a good chance that you have a leak that you can’t see. And if you discover an odd moldy odor in your home, it could be a sign of a concealed water leak. A sudden invasion of bugs or even rodents could mean a water leak that they are all flocking to for a much-needed drink. When you discover any of these little indications of a potential water leak in your home, it is better to be proactive. Call Redding’s leak detection specialists to know if there is a leak before seeing a flood of water and costly repair bills.

fOUND a leak in your home? Call us today for leak detection and repair in Redding, CA: (530) 244-9727!

What Is A Slab Leak?

If you live in a home built on a concrete slab foundation, you need to be aware of slab leaks. These occur when the water lines running under the concrete foundation of your home become damaged. The leak is under the concrete and can be very hard to detect. But every drop of water that leaks under the foundation is undermining its stability and the safety of your home.

The Art Of Slab Leak Detection

As you might imagine, locating a water leak under concrete is difficult. But the slab leak detection specialists at Steve Beaton Plumbing are highly skilled at the process. Using moisture sensors, thermal imaging, and sound amplification tools, our crew can pinpoint a water leak under your home with precise accuracy. Contact our professional plumbers today for leak detection in Redding, CA: (530) 244-9727!

Repairing A Slab Leak

We have to physically get to the leak to repair it. If we cannot access the leak by digging under the foundation’s edge, we try to eliminate the leaking pipe and replace it with a new supply line. The new line can be run through the attic or walls in your home.

Our last option is to remove a small section of the flooring and foundation to repair the leak from inside your home. Thanks to our pros accuracy in locating leaks, the access hole is small. It can easily be repaired after the leak is fixed and pressure tested.

When you have reason to suspect that there is a water leak in or under your home, fast action is essential. The sooner you have the pros from Steve Beaton Plumbing working to locate the leak, the quicker we can stop the water damage. Call (530) 244-9727 at the first sign of a problem and know that our team will get to the bottom of it quickly and provide you with the solutions you need for a cost-effective repair. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best leak detection in Redding, CA!

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