Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

Easy Plumbing Tips for First Time Homeowners

If you’re buying a home for the first time in Redding, CA, you know this is a city with many things to offer all residents. The pleasant local weather means lots of sunshine almost every day of the year. It’s easy to spend time exploring places here like Lassen Volcanic National Park. As a first-time homeowner, you want to make sure your home is another place that you can enjoy. That’s why you’ll need to keep your home’s plumbing in excellent shape. Take these simple but effective tips to heart, and your new home will continue to be functional and easy to keep up.

Get Your Pipes Checked

Your pipes are an extremely important part of your home. You want to do all you can to protect them and avoid costly problems once you take possession of the house. That’s why you should have your pipes thoroughly inspected before you move in. Having a home inspection is a must for all new homeowners. This inspection should include the pipes. If it does not, it’s time to bring in a specialist. Our experts will examine every inch of your pipes in order to pinpoint any underlying problems. They can show you if there is any corrosion, rust buildup, or root infiltration. Our plumbers can also demonstrate what might need to be fixed or updated.

Look for Leaks

Leaks can cause all kinds of problems. If you see a leak of any kind, it should never be ignored. It must be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid causing more problems. Leak detection can be hard. If you suspect there’s a problem but you can’t find it, it’s time to bring in our highly skilled specialists.

Shut Off Your Valves

Water flows in and out of your house all day long. There are many occasions when you’ll want to stop this process from happening. Shutting off your valves lets you turn your water off when it’s necessary. Before you move into your home, make sure you know where the shut-off valves are located. It’s also important to know where you can find the sewer access points.

Be Aware of What Goes Down the Drain

Drains are a crucial part of a home’s infrastructure, and they must be kept free of clogs. That’s why you should know what can go down the drains and what should not. For example, cooking grease should never be put down your drain. It can clog the system and lead to all sorts of problems with water flow. Other items that don’t belong in your drains include starchy vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.

Buying a home is a joy. Reach out to our plumbers at Beaton to ensure your home’s plumbing is in great condition.