Male Worker Inspecting Water Valve For Leaks In Basement

Why Hiring a Commercial Plumber Is Important

As a business owner, you may encounter plumbing issues at your place of work from time to time. While you may consider hiring just any plumber to help you resolve plumbing issues, hiring a commercial plumber is advisable. Here are some reasons why hiring a commercial plumber is important.

Specialized Tools and Equipment

While all plumbers need tools like wrenches, plungers, pliers, plumber’s tape, safety gear, and more to perform plumbing tasks, commercial plumbers have specialized tools for commercial projects. Some of these specialized tools include:

  • Inspection cameras and locators
  • Hydro-jetting machines
  • Standard threading machines
  • Large drain cleaners

Since residential plumbers tend not to have these tools, they may not be able to fix complex plumbing problems at your workplace. As a result, you should hire commercial plumbers to resolve plumbing issues at your workplace.

Various Services

Regular plumbers typically offer a few services. On the other hand, commercial plumbers offer a variety of services such as leak detection and repair, water and gas piping, drain cleaning, plumbing inspections and maintenance, and more. Therefore, hiring a commercial plumber can save you the hassle of hiring multiple plumbers.

Experience Handling Disasters

Redding, CA, can get relatively chilly during the winter, with temperatures dropping to lows of 35 degrees F. Frigid conditions can strain your plumbing system and even lead to plumbing disasters in some cases.

If a plumbing disaster like a burst pipe strikes your business, you may need to shut down temporarily. Commercial plumbers are skilled at handling plumbing disasters. So, if you suffer the misfortune of a disaster striking your business, hiring a commercial plumber can help you resume normal operations faster.

Work Volume

In commercial settings, hundreds or even thousands of people use the toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, and more daily. This leads to faster wear and tear on commercial plumbing systems.

Due to the heavy use of commercial plumbing systems, they require more maintenance than residential plumbing systems. Hiring a commercial plumber can ensure your commercial space is put on a maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance can ensure your plumbing system remains in tiptop shape and prevent breakdowns.

Code Compliance

The codes and requirements required for residential homes and commercial spaces differ. While residential plumbers are unlikely to be familiar with commercial plumbing codes, reputable commercial plumbers are knowledgeable about them. Therefore, commercial plumbers can ensure your business complies with the plumbing codes in your area.

Insurance Coverage

Regular plumbers may not have proper insurance. If they cause any damage to your property while working, you’ll need to pay for the damage. On the other hand, commercial plumbers usually have liability insurance, meaning you’ll be protected if they cause any damage to your property.

Hire a Commercial Plumber in Redding, CA

If you need a commercial plumber, contact Steve Beaton Plumbing at (530) 244-9727. We’ve served residents of Redding, CA and surrounding areas for over three decades, and our plumbers are licensed to undertake complex commercial plumbing jobs.