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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Drains

The drains are one of the most important parts of your home and are in use multiple times each day. Maintaining your home and providing a high level of care to the property requires having your drains cleaned on a regular basis. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should clean your drains with the help of a professional on your property in Redding, California.

1. Reduce the Risk of Clogs

Many of the homes in Redding, California, are old and have plumbing systems that have aged, which can increase the likelihood of issues that can develop throughout the year. Professional drain cleaning helps to remove excess debris and organic matter in the pipes to prevent clogs from developing. This can allow older pipes to have improved water flow and operate better in the coming years.

2. Prevent Mold and Bacteria

Cleaning your pipes can prevent mold and bacteria from developing due to standing puddles and water that are present. The pathogen breeding grounds can be eliminated when you hire a professional to perform drain cleaning and remove any clogs that may be present in your drainage system. Look for an experienced company like Beaton in Redding, California, to ensure the right tools, equipment, and skills are used to perform the job correctly.

3. Increase the Lifespan of Your Pipes

Although it can seem easy to avoid professional drain cleaning services when you want to save money, it can end up saving you more money in the future. Professional drain cleaning increases the lifespan of plumbing systems by removing gunk and debris that can affect the quality and condition of the pipes. This can allow you to get more use out of the system and also avoid costly repairs that may be needed.

4. Avoid Noisy Pipes

When pipes become dirty, they can start to make unusual sounds and become noisy when they’re in use. When there’s a disruption of the water flow, it can cause cracking and squeaking noises to occur. This can become inconvenient while spending time in the building but is easy to avoid when the pipes are cleaned.

5. Save Money

Investing in drain cleaning services can allow you to avoid expensive repairs. You can save more money by keeping your pipes in better shape and improving their function rather than increasing the risk of issues that can develop over time.

We invite you to contact our team at Beaton today to learn more about the benefits of drain cleaning on your property in Redding, California. Our team will explain the different services we offer and will be happy to answer your questions to improve the quality of your drains.