The Truth Or Fiction Behind Popular Plumbing Myths

As a homeowner, you are sure to be excited to learn little tips and hints to take care of the many maintenance and service tasks around your home. And even more exciting is when this information saves you some cash. But many homeowners in Redding get confused as they try to determine if they are actually getting a reliable bit of information or if the story is nothing but a useless plumbing myth. So we are ready to fill you in on the absolute truth or fiction surrounding some of the most commonly share plumbing information.

Do You Have A Brick In Your Toilet?

The myth is that placing a brick in your toilet tank will save you money. Instead, it will fill up some space and reduce the water used to refill your tank. And while it does take up space, it does not save any water. Toilets flush with a specific amount of water. And if you do not supply the correct amount, the toilet does not flush correctly. That leaves you flushing twice or with a fouled toilet bowl. In addition, as the brick begins to disintegrate, the sandy particulates will damage the seal at the flapper and create a costly water leak. So get that brick out of your toilet and install a low-flow toilet if you want to save water and money.

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

If you define flushable as the item fitting through the toilet drain opening, yes, a wipe can be flushed. But so can a sock or a child’s toy. And soon, you will learn that none of those items make it to the city sewer line. Instead, they create a nasty clog. The only thing that is truly flushable is toilet paper. Nothing else degrades quickly enough to avoid creating tough clogs that can flood your home with raw sewage. Therefore, flushable wipes are not genuinely safe for any home’s drains.

Ice Cubes Will Add Life To Your Dull Garbage Disposal

Many old-timers believe that you can sharpen the blades on your garbage disposal with ice cubes. But that is wrong on many levels. First, disposals have grinders, not blades. And the grinder is far too durable to be improved by an ice cube. However, the ice cubes act as a cleaner to dislodge pieces of food and debris from the grinder. So you might notice what appears to be a better function from the disposal, but the actual service was a good cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar are also great for loosening up stuck on gunk to improve the function and smell of your disposal.

Beware Of A Rumbling Water Heater

Many people think that a water heater will rumble and make noise just before it explodes. Unfortunately, that is from the truth. The popping, crackling, and rumbling you hear is sediment burning off the heating element in the holding tank. Draining and flushing the holding tank is the best way to eliminate the sediment, noise and increase the function and life of the water heater. Also, remember that all water heater holding tanks have a pressure relief valve that will bleed off any excess pressure to prevent an explosion. That is one reason an annual inspection of your water heater is so valuable. Your licensed plumber will ensure that the safety valve functions to protect you and your house from a flood of hot water.

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