Should I Be Worried That My Sink Is Gurgling?

Most homeowners pay little attention to the function of their home’s drains unless they happen to be standing in several inches of water in the shower. However, when they begin to notice an odd gurgling sound coming from a drain or all other drains, they become concerned. First, there are thoughts of a horrendous clog or leak in the drain line that might be flooding some part of the house with nasty, dirty water. Then many homeowners decide that if the water is still moving down the drain, everything must be ok. To answer the question for both camps and everyone in between, our experts will explain the gurgling drain mystery.

Is It A Clog?

There are two common reasons for a sink to make a gurgling sound. First, if you have had years of gurgle-free service from the sink and then it suddenly found its voice, then you can be relatively sure that the issue is a partial clog. The water is having difficulty flowing past the partial clog, and you hear the results. Now, if that sound is coming from only one sink, you know that the clog is in the drain line for that particular sink. However, if all your sinks are making the same noise, a clog is growing in your sewer line. And that is sure to create some nasty issues.

If the gurgling sound has been there since day one, meaning when you built the house, chances are it is not a clog. Instead, it is more likely an issue with the vent pipe for the drain system. Every home has a line that goes up through the roof and allows air to enter the drains to prevent a vacuum. Think of tipping a soda bottle too far. The air cannot enter the bottle as the soda flows out, so you get a gurgling sound as the soda and air battle for passage at the neck of the bottle.

Fixing A Single Gurgling Sink

The good news is that the clog forming is near the sink, so a DIY fix could work. Try a sink plunger, the one with the flat base, to remove the clog. Or dump a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the bubbles work on the clog for about 15 minutes, then flush with hot water. If those do not eliminate the partial clog, it is time to call in a licensed plumber.

All The Sinks Sing

If all of your home’s sink drains are making the same gurgling noise, the issue is all the way down in the sewer line. And that is going to require a professional drain cleaning. Call (530) 244-9727 to schedule an appointment with the team at Steve Beaton Plumbing. Our licensed experts use a powerful jet of pure water to blast out any partial clogs and remove the sticky residue that could cause future clogs.

Fixing A Vent Issue

Unless you are comfortable climbing up on the roof to check the vent pipe, this is also a job for the experts at Steve Beaton Plumbing. Our team will check out the roof vent for a clog or blockage that is causing issues with your home’s drains.

The most important thing to remember about a gurgling drain is that it is a warning sign that something is wrong. Call (530) 244-9727 at the first gurgling sounds to avoid a nasty flood of dirty water created by a clog or other issue with your home’s drain vents. Our experts always provide a free price quote for the repair and a full warranty on our work.