Why Your Water Heater Continues To Trip Its Reset And What You Should Do

When you look at the typical water heater thermostat control, it is generally set at 120 degrees. This is a standard factory setting and where most plumbers recommend the unit be set. This ideal setting is adequate to prevent harmful bacteria growth while still safely below a temperature that could create a scalding burn. So most homeowners in Redding assume that 120 is a great place to leave their water heater thermostat.

However, when your water heater continues to overheat and trip the emergency cut-off, the entire unit shuts off. And though the thermostat is still set at 120 degrees, you know that there is a problem somewhere that is allowing the overheating and causing you to constantly trek down and hit the red reset button. After a few trips from a cold shower to the water heater, you decide that it is time to investigate and get the trouble fixed. Fortunately, many issues can be repaired without the cost of a new water heater installation.

Why Call In A Licensed Plumber?

When you hire a professional, you are going to get a superior level of expertise. And in the case of your water heater, that can make a significant difference in the amount of your repair bill. A licensed plumber has years of training and hands-on experience troubleshooting and repairing water heater issues. Other handy persons are likely to suggest a new water heater because that is a project that they are comfortable undertaking.

The problem here is that a water heater less than ten years old could usually be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new installation. And you could enjoy several years of additional service for that small amount of the repair bill.

So What Could Be Causing The Overheating Issues?

  • A Bad Thermostat- Your water heater will have one or two thermostats on the holding tank. If one or both are bad or worn out, they are not shutting the water heater off at the desired temperature. The result is the fail-safe kicking in and turning off the unit for safety.
  • A Bad Heating Element- The heating element could have failed, or it could have an electrical short that causes it to continue to run. When the water gets too hot, the fail-safe does its job to shut the unit off.
  • The Emergency Cut Off Is Bad- If the emergency fail-safe is bad, it could be tripping at the wrong temperature and shutting down your water heater.
  • Bad/Old Wiring- Something as simple as a loose wire connection could be to blame for the failure of any of these components on your water heater. Not only does this stop your water heater from working, but it can also result in an electrical fire or severe electrical shock hazard.

The Only Safe Solution

You take your vehicle to a professional mechanic when it is not running correctly. So it only makes sense that you call a plumbing professional when your water heater is acting up. A licensed plumber is the only professional with the skills and knowledge needed to inspect all of the components on your water heater and determine which one is the culprit. In most cases, the part can be replaced the same day, and you can rest assured that you will have hot water and no more issues with your water heater.

Call (530) 244-9727 when you experience constant water heater issues to ensure that your loved ones and home are safe from potential electrical hazards. A Steve Beaton Plumbing licensed plumber will arrive quickly to repair the problem cost-effectively and with a full warranty.