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Water Heater Problems and How to Avoid Them

The water heater is an important part of any household, providing hot water to take a bath, do laundry, or wash dishes. However, these devices can be prone to problems, which can cause a huge inconvenience when something goes wrong. To help you avoid any issues, here are some of the most common water heater problems and how to prevent them.


When the thermostat on your water heater malfunctions, it can cause overheating. This may lead to scalding hot water coming out of the tap, which is dangerous and damaging to any fabrics it comes into contact with. It can also cause damage to the system itself, such as a cracked tank or pipes.

Regular professional maintenance of your water heater will prevent this. The inspection should include checking the thermostat to ensure it is working correctly.


Water heaters can be affected by corrosion, which can lead to leaks and other issues. This can be caused by either hard water or chemicals in the water and can damage your pipes and tank. Corroded water heaters can also lead to reduced efficiency, higher energy bills and a shorter life span for your appliance.

To prevent corrosion, a professional should check your water heater regularly and install a water softener to reduce the amount of hard minerals in the water. They should also check your pipes and tank for any signs of corrosion.


Leaking is one of the most common problems with water heaters and can signal several other issues. It could be due to corrosion, a faulty valve, or an issue with the tank. Leaks can cause major damage to your home, so it’s important to act quickly when you notice one.

Get a professional to regularly inspect and maintain your water heater to prevent leaks. They should check the valves for any signs of wear and tear and replace any faulty parts to ensure the system is working correctly.

Sediment Buildup

The minerals in your water can cause sediment to build up inside your water heater, reducing its efficiency and increasing the risk of corrosion. This can also lead to unpleasant smells and tastes in your water.

To prevent sediment buildup, a professional should routinely inspect the filters on your water heater and replace any clogged or worn ones. They should also periodically replace the anode rod. This rod helps to reduce corrosion.

Following these steps will help you avoid common water heater problems and ensure that your appliance runs efficiently and safely. Beaton is an outstanding plumbing company in Redding, CA that can service your water heater to keep it running in top condition, so contact us today for more information!