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Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Whether you need to cook dinner or take a shower, you want piping hot water to come out of your hot water heater. Traditional heaters have a tank that holds a specific amount of hot water, while modern tankless heaters take up less space but still give you hot water. The best time to call Steve Beaton Plumbing for help in Redding, CA is when you see one or more of the common signs of a faulty hot water heater.

Poor Water Pressure

Though you may not think that your hot water heater and water pressure go together, the two are closely connected. When you turn on the shower or the tap and see only a trickle of water, it often indicates a clogged line. If you have hard water, there is likely sediment buildup in one of the pipes leading to the heater. Though flushing and cleaning the line can help, you may need a repair that removes any sediment from the heater itself.

Changing Water Temperatures

Is there anything worse than hopping in a hot shower and suddenly finding yourself in freezing cold water? Though water heaters provide you with hot water, older and damaged units cannot give you an endless supply of hot water. When the thermostat dies or begins failing, the heater will have a hard time keeping water at the temperature you want. Water that shifts between temperatures as it runs can also show a broken heating element.

Tank Leaks

Living in Redding, CA helps you enjoy warm weather during each season. Though you don’t need to worry about cold temperatures freezing your pipes, you may still develop a leak. It’s easy to check the sides of your hot water heater and around the base of the tank. If you see any small pools or puddles of water, you have a tank leak. Leaks can occur due to broken or damaged pipes as well as problems with the valves and seals.

No Hot Water

After you spend a day playing at the beach or working at the office, you may want to come home and take a hot shower. A big sign of a faulty hot water heater is when it can no longer keep up with your water demands. You risk climbing in the shower and finding that no hot water comes out at all. There is also a chance that you may have a few minutes of hot water and then run out, especially if multiple people need to take a shower around the same time.

At Steve Beaton Plumbing, we have the experience that Redding, CA residents need when it comes to their hot water heaters. Not only can we diagnose the cause of your problem, but we can also repair or replace the heater. Call today if you see any of these signs of a faulty hot water heater.