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4 Water Heater Problems That Require Repair

If your water heater is broken or malfunctioning, you should rely on a professional team. Plumbers are highly skilled and knowledgeable, so they can easily troubleshoot your issue — even if it’s a rare one. Plumbers will come to your house and carry out a complete inspection of your water heater to find the problem. Then, they’ll give you an estimate for the cost of repairing it. Water heaters are usually very safe appliances, but they need various kinds of maintenance work and repairs over time.

1. Noisy Water Heater

A noisy water heater is often the first sign that your unit is experiencing problems. Your water heater may be operating at a very loud and high frequency, which indicates that it’s failing. This could be due to rust or corrosion within the tank or something else. You can also inspect your water pipes for signs of trouble.

2. Broken Thermostat on Water Heater

The thermostat is a device that regulates the heat in water heaters. A faulty thermostat can be caused by a broken heating element. With a broken thermostat, the water won’t heat up properly. Instead, it will come out of your faucets and fixtures as cold or lukewarm water. You should be able to fix this problem by getting a new thermostat installed and testing the heating element. Rely on a professional team to handle this type of issue.

3. Rusty or Corroded Water Heater

Rust and corrosion may build up on your water heater over time, which will decrease the appliance’s efficiency. There’s also a possibility that your water tank may rust and damage your plumbing system as well. You’ll be able to see some signs of rust within or outside of your water heater if this is an issue that you’re facing. If this happens, you must call a professional water heater repair service provider to handle this problem.

4. Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater can be a very expensive problem. It can quickly fill your basement or other interior space with water. If you discover that your water heater is leaking, try to determine the source of the leak, and then call a plumber to fix it right away.

While water heater problems are fairly common, they’re also frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, with our skilled plumbers, we can repair any damage for you and get your water heater back to normal operation in no time at all. We’ll give you a quote for the cost of repairing the tank before beginning any work. If you live in Redding, CA, contact the team at Beaton to schedule water heater repair services.