The Pros And Cons Of That Jetted Tub You Have Been Eyeing

When shopping for new bathroom fixtures, almost every homeowner stops and stares at the jetted tubs. They are certainly an upgrade over your standard-style tub. They look inviting and relaxing, but are they worth the extra money? Until you stop and evaluate all the pros and cons of these fantastic fixtures, you will not be able to answer that question for your bathroom renovation project.

The Pros

Jetted tubs have always been a luxury feature that signals relaxation. There is a certain level of ambiance that homeowners imagine when they think of walking into the bathroom and seeing a jetted tub. You move beyond the thought of a quick shower or bath and begin to contemplate the enjoyment of savoring a long soak in the tub while enjoying the massage from the jets. There is no denying that a jetted tub is the way to wash away the stress of your day at work or the aches and pains of a tough workout.

All the things you love about a jetted tub are also things that a potential buyer will consider. So adding that jetted tub will increase the value of your home and its appeal to most buyers. With a jetted tub, your realtor is likely to call out the spa-like master bath and get buyers excited about the tub even before visiting your home.

The Cons

If your bathroom remodel is on a tight budget, that jetted tub could be a budget buster. Unfortunately, quality jetted tubs are not cheap. So, plan to increase your fixture budget by a few grand and understand that added plumbing might be required to install this upgrade.

And that brings you to space consideration. If you are removing a standard tub, most jetted tubs will not fit in the same space. So you could be looking at eliminating walls, some of the flooring or other structural modifications to get a jetted tub into your new Zen oasis. And that will come with a heftier price tag.

Another increase that you might not have planned on will be in your utility bills. First, jetted tubs are larger, so you will be using more water. Second, you will be paying for the electricity to keep those jets gently massaging your aching back and muscles to aid in your relaxation. And plan on increasing the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning your tub. All of the jets, nozzles, hoses, and components require added cleaning to keep the tub sanitary. Some very high-end units offer a self-cleaning mode, But they still need some care to prevent mold and mildew growth between uses.

Finally, though the jetted tub will increase the monetary value of your home, not everyone is into the idea of a jetted tub in their home. So you could find that some potential buyers are unwilling to add any value for the tub. And on rare occasions, they ask that the tub be removed before they are willing to close on the house.

What Do You Want?

If you are designing your perfect spa-like bathroom retreat, and a jetted tub is the crown jewel, make the upgrade. If you are trying to create a modern appearance without investing a substantial amount of money, you are better served to focus on other functional yet affordable features like a hands-free faucet or rain shower head.

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